NES CORA is an AMERICANA singer-songwriter/guitar player residing in Williamsburg Brooklyn. Being a songwriter his music has a variety of styles and influence: BLUES, COUNTRY, FOLK, INDIE.  

Survival and location from highs to lows has played a big part on the many different types of songs he has written. Originally from Bronx NYC. Nes started singing at a very young age with a group that rehearsed about 5 days a week singing harmonies with piano and acapella. This was a strong music foundation that would later orchestrate Nes to becoming a true artist.  

After leaving the Bronx, or should say recruited out of the Bronx, Nes would relocate to Puerto Rico to play pro basketball and become a member of there Olympic Team. Nes started learning guitar while playing basketball and always traveled with his guitar while playing ball around the world including Cuba, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, and Russia. His teammates would always kid around and ask him to sing a song to put them asleep at night.  

During the off season he would work security in a wild and crazy, but mostly fun, Rock n Roll Bar in San Juan called Shannon's Pub which featured live rock bands both local and from USA and Canada. This is where Nes started jamming with bands, playing guitar and beginning to write songs. Pop, blues, jazz, country—his music seems to capture all of these influences with a commercial like ability. His melodies are sustaining and stay in your head.  

After basketball NES returned to NYC and ended up where he was born, the East Village. Here the rock and roll scene was electric and plenty. So many great bands, and clubs. At last he felt at home as an artist.